Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Enclosed Car Transport,Enclosed Auto Shipping, & Enclosed Automobile Transporter

 Enclosed car transport is the alternative to open car shipping. Open car transport is the most common form of automobile transportation, although open car shipping is a very safe form of transporting your car, it does not offer a 360 degree protection of your car from dirt, the elements and bad weather.

  Enclosed car transport  offers the protection you will need when transporting a classic, exotic,luxury, or that new or special car which needs an extra level of protection. Here are a few reasons to choose enclosed car shipping over open car shipping.

  -Enclosed car carriers also carry the maximum in cargo insurance, most policies are $500,000 to $1,000,000 in cargo coverage for all units on the covered car hauler. 

-Enclosed car shipping drivers are all well trained and knowledgeable in all classic and new exotic car models to be sure each unit is handled with the care the car needs. They are the best drivers in the industry.

-Weather will not be an issue on an covered car carrier, your car is protected from all normal road hazards and any and all inclement weather.

-Enclosed car shipping will be more expensive because of these factors, call a Paragon transport specialist today to get a quote on your covered car shipment.

- Deciding to ship a car in an covered car carrier will give you that peace of mind while your classic,exotic,luxury, or special car is being transported across country.

 Paragon Transport offers  Enclosed car transport  nationwide. Getting an enclosed auto shipping quote is easy, call now or apply online. 281-815-4020 


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  9. Enclosed car transport is the alternative to open car shipping. Open car transport is the most common form of automobile transportation auto transport by train