Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Reasons to Use Enclosed Car Shipping Service

 Enclosed car shipping is the alternative to open car shipping. Open car transport is the most common form of automobile transportation, although open car shipping is a very safe form of transporting your car, it does not offer a 360 degree protection of your car from dirt, the elements and bad weather.
 Enclosed auto transport offers the protection you will need when transporting a classic, exotic,luxury, or that new or special car which needs an extra level of protection. Here are a few reasons to choose enclosed car shipping over open car shipping.
  -Enclosed car carriers also carry the maximum in cargo insurance, most policies are $500,000 to $1,000,000 in cargo coverage for all units on the enclosed car hauler.
 -Enclosed car shipping drivers are all well trained and knowledgeable in all classic and new exotic car models to be sure each unit is handled with the care the car needs. They are the best drivers in the industry.
 -Weather will not be an issue on an enclosed car carrier, your car is protected from all normal road hazards and any and all inclement weather.
  -Enclosed car shipping will be more expensive because of these factors, call a Paragon transport specialist today to get a quote on your enclosed car shipment.
  - Deciding to ship a car in an enclosed car carrier will give you that peace of mind while your classic,exotic,luxury, or special car is being transported across country.

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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Tips for preparing your car for auto transport or car shipping

 Here are a few tips from Paragon Transport for preparing your car for an auto shipment. Car shipping is not a difficult process if you are properly informed by your auto shipping agent before you transport your car.

 1.When transporting a car you will need to be sure the car is clean before the driver arrives. The car transport driver will do a full exterior inspection of your car for all dents, scratches, and any other noticeable flaws at the time of pickup. He will fill out the inspection report and get a signature from the pickup contact to sign off on the condition of the vehicle.

 2.Be sure to check the inspection report at delivery as well, to be sure there was no damage done during transport.

 3.It is recommended to have 1/4 to 1/2 tank of gas or less, in your car.

 4. No personal or household items are allowed in a car during auto shipping. It is DOT policy in all 50 states.

5. Turning off any car alarms can prevent the driver from any problems with the system.

6. At the time of getting your car shipping quote, be sure to inform your transport agent about any modifications to your vehicle, such as large tires, ladder racks, luggage racks, low clearance or any other modifications that may affect the auto shipment.

7. If you have any other questions about how to prepare your car for car shipping, please ask your Paragon Auto Transport auto shipping agent. All agents are knowledgeable and experienced in all aspects of auto transport.

  Again, car shipping is not a difficult process if you are well informed and use a reliable auto shipper.

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Monday, December 5, 2011

Eight Ferraris wrecked in million-dollar pileup

Authorities in Japan were still reconstructing Monday how eight Ferraris, a Lamborghini and a few Mercedes-Benzes wrecked on an expressway Sunday morning, coating the road in an Italian red metal sauce worth more than $1 million. It’s not a sight for those squeamish about totaled supercars.

Some 14 cars in all were involved in the chain-reaction crash on an expressway named China Road in Yamaguchi prefecture, leaving 10 people with minor injuries. While the injuries were light, several of the vehicles appear totaled.

How did so many Ferraris end up on the road together? The group — which Japanese police officials called “a gathering of narcissists” — were driving to a supercar meet-up in Hiroshima, where about 100 vehicles were expected to show. As one driver who was invited along but passed noted, it was unusual for such a drive to take the expressway — where speeds are closely monitored and traffic can be thicker due to lower tolls on Sundays. Even so, the Ferraris were estimated to have been running between 80 mph and 100 mph when the crash happened.

Police and video reports say the wreck began when a 60-year-old businessman from Fukushima driving a Ferrari F430 attempted to pass a Toyota Prius, but instead hit the guardrail. That set off a chain reaction among the cars driving in a tight formation behind the lead Ferrari, eventually wrapping up seven other Ferraris — namely a 360 Modena, F355 and a white Testarossa — along with a Lamborghini Diablo and a couple of high-end Mercedes.

The Prius sustained some rear bumper damage, but escaped relatively unharmed.
Speeding was fingered as a …

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WORLD'S RAREST CAR, 1954 Concept Old's Rocket F88

This is the car that in 1954 could have "killed" the Corvette. Chevrolet, being GM's big sales and profit division, campaigned to GM to "kill" this car. When Chevy was coming out with its 6-cyl. sports car with its 2-speed "powerglide" transmission and side curtains, here was a sports car from Olds with a big old V-8 and power windows.
So, GM said no to Oldsmobile on building this car.
The world's rarest automobile: a 1954 Concept Old's Rocket F88 - the only one in existence. (read the story below)
John S. Hendricks, (Discovery Communications founder) paid in excess of 3 million to acquire this 1954 Oldsmobile F-88 Convertible Concept Car .
After spending decades as a collection of parts stuffed into wooden crates, the F-88 was reassembled. In 1954 the F-88 was a Motorama Dream Car and was one of only two, or an unconfirmed possible three, ever created. The F-88 seen here is literally the only car left of its kind and was sold to John and Maureen Hendricks at the prestigious Barrett-Jackson Auto Auction in Scottsdale , Arizona , for an unbelievable $3,240,000. This acquisition made automotive history and is the cornerstone of the Gateway Colorado Automobile Museum in its own special room in a rotating display worthy of the F-88!

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Gasoline’s national average price dropped 9 cents

 Gasoline’s national average price dropped 9 cents in the past two weeks to an average $3.29 a gallon, according to the latest Lundberg Survey of filling stations released Sunday.
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Friday, December 2, 2011

5 Used Cars to Avoid (and 5 Better Alternatives)

Even though auto manufacturers have greatly boosted quality and reliability, buying a used car can still be a process fraught with anxiety. In addition to worrying about the honesty of the seller, you also want to be sure to avoid vehicles with poor reliability records.

 To help with that, MoneyWatch looked at owner surveys to see which cars look like trouble, focusing on five separate categories. We focused on 2008 models — the year ranked in the latest dependability study from J.D. Power and Associates. Buying a 3-year-old used car also lets you shop after the biggest new-car depreciation already has taken place: Because used car prices have risen so sharply this year, 1- and 2-year-old used models can make worse financial sense than buying new.

To make our list of used-car rejects, a model had to get the minimum two out of five in the J.D. Power “circle ratings” for dependability. It also had to be ranked below average as a used car by Consumer Reports in its annual April car issue and online car rankings.

Here are our recommendations for used cars to avoid — plus some better ideas in the same categories. Volkswagen and Chrysler Group, which also makes Dodge and Jeep, both have two entries on our avoidance list.

Small Car: Volkswagen Beetle

The Beetle’s cute looks and all-around appeal don’t save it from being on the least reliable list. Owners of the 2008 model told Consumer Reports that they had trouble with the climate control system and power equipment, both of which can lead to expensive repairs. The convertible model is selling for $19,350 on dealer’s lots according to the Kelley Blue Book web site.

  • Alternative: Hyundai Elantra. Hyundai has had a remarkably strong sales year for new cars this year. But even in 2008, the company was making quality cars backed by its 10-year, 100,000 mile powertrain warranty. The Elantra got the maximum five circles in the J.D. Power reliability ratings and is ranked an above-average used car by Consumer Reports, where survey respondents reported no major problems. This model Elantra is selling for $12,435.

Midsize Car: Volkswagen Passat

Volkswagen strikes out again. Despite being praised by reviewers when new, the Passat gets the minimum J.D. Power two circles and a below-average rating from Consumer Reports. Readers there report problems with the fuel, electrical and climate systems and the power equipment.

The 2008 Passat is selling at dealers for $18,515, according to

  • Alternative: Ford Fusion. Ford’s first real contender in years against mid-size leaders Toyota Camry and Honda Accord, the Fusion won the reliability award in this year’s J.D. Power survey. Consumer Reports gives it a top Much Above Average used car rating. Readers there reported no major problems with their 2008 Fusions. Dealers are offering the Fusion for $17,365, according to

Midsize SUV: GMC Acadia

Though its quality has improved in recent models, the 2008 Acadia is a repeat loser in this category. With the minimum two circles in the J.D. Power survey, it gets a worse than average used car ranking from Consumer Reports. Readers there reported problems with the suspension and audio system. The Acadia SLE model is selling for about $25,000 at dealerships, according to

  • Alternative: Toyota 4 Runner. This 2008 Toyota stalwart won the J.D. Power reliability award and is rated much better than average as a used car in the Consumer Reports ratings, where readers reported no serious problems. Reviewers praise its capability both on the highway and off-road. The 2008 4Runner SR5 version is selling at about $27,730.

Large SUV: Ford Expedition

Even if you need large-capacity hauling and can ignore the lame mileage numbers (the Expedition is rated at 12 mpg in city driving, 18 highway), look elsewhere. The big boy of the Ford SUV line (whose model names all start with the letter ‘E’) gets the minimum two circles from J.D. Power and a worse-than-average Consumer Reports rating, where readers report problems with the transmission and the audio system.

The used 2008 Expedition sells for $23,530 in the XLT version, according to

  • Alternative: Toyota Sequoia. In a category with no clear winner, the Toyota entry again looks like the best bet. It gets four out of five circles in the J.D. Power rating and an above-average rating from Consumer Reports. Reviewers praise its roomy seating and comfortable ride for long highway trips. The 2008 Sequoia SR5 version is selling at $31,265 at dealerships.

Minivan: Chrysler Town & Country

Chrysler originated the minivan and in most years has sold more than other companies. But sometime around 2008, manufacturing quality began to lag.

This Chrysler van got the minimum two circles from J.D. Power and a much-worse-than-average used-car rating from Consumer Reports. Readers there reported problems with the suspension, brakes, climate system and power equipment. The 2008 Town & Country LX version is selling at about $16,000 from dealerships.

  • Alternative: Toyota Sienna. As it did last year, the Sienna wins the reliability award for minivans from J.D. Power, and it gets a better-than-average rating from Consumer Reports. Reviewers praise its comfort and seating; it holds up to eight people. The Sienna CE version is selling for an average $20,130, according to

    Despite Toyota’s recent recall problems and lagging sales this year, its dominance of numerous categories in three-year-old used cars is a reminder of what a strong record of reliability it has achieved. Domestic companies certainly should not count out Toyota as a strong competitor.

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