Monday, January 16, 2012

Transport Reviews in Auto Shipping

Transport reviews are a customers best friend when searching for a reliable car shipping company. When searching for an auto transport company to ship your car, you should be sure to do your research on the auto transporters you are choosing from. With so many car shipping companies to choose from, auto transport reviews will help you distinguish which car shippers are qualified to ship your car and which are not.
Car shipping prices will be all over the place, auto transport reviews will help you see which carriers are not rated well and which are rated 5 stars. The cheap car shipping quotes you receive could mean the car shipper is not rated very well, you get what you pay for in this case. So, the extra $100 by a 5 star rated auto transport company, could save you time and money in the long run. The auto shipper is not rated 5 stars for nothing.

Paragon Transport is a 5 star rated auto transport company. Our years in the business has helped us develop into one of the nation's top auto transport companies. The customers needs and best interest are our number one priority. "Auto Shipping Excellence" is our slogan for a reason. we want satisfied and happy customers on every auto transport.

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  1. It is best to read auto transport reviews before hiring any vehicle shipping company, as these reviews are unbiased and reliable opinions of the people, who already used the shipping services of that auto shipper.

  2. Jim Miller review for Paragon Auto Transport in Transport Rankings

    After extensive online research of car transport companies, I finally contracted with Paragon Auto Transport to deliver my car from Oregon to Texas. That was a very good decision. Communication among Tony, the driver, and myself was excellent, and my car arrived in the same condition as which it had been shipped.

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