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How to ship a car

 How to ship a car with Paragon Auto Transport

Here are a few things to know when shipping a car across country with Paragon Auto Transport.

1.Wash your car thoroughly even if will be shipped on an open trailer. You want to be able to note any chips, dings, nicks or other cosmetic damage accurately.
2.Don't fill the gas tank of the car. If the tank is low, between 1/8th to 1/4th of a tank, this will save quite a bit of weight. It is ok if the tank is full, but not preferred.
3.You will need to remove any household or personal goods from the car, it is against DOT policy in every state to transport them in a car during auto shipping.
4.Secure or remove any loose parts or specialty items from your car such as ground effects, spoilers, or fog lights.
5.Ship convertibles with the top up and secured properly. Try to seal any holes or open seams in the top to prevent air or moisture from causing damage. If you cannot raise the top, you should attempt to cover it with a secure fitting tarp that can resist high winds.
6.Make sure the battery is charged, that the tires have proper inflation and top off all of the fluids on the vehicle and let the driver know if there are any leaks.
7.Prepare a careful list of any operational problems or steps necessary to start, stop, or drive your vehicle on and off of the trailer.
8. Make sure you and the driver go over the condition of your car at pickup, the auto transport driver will do a full condition report of your car before he loads the unit. Be sure to look it over carefully and retain a copy.
9. Check the condition report at delivery for any changes.
10. Call you Paragon Auto Transport agent with any questions regarding shipping your car across country. 

Paragon Transport offers open car shipping & enclosed auto transport

 An open car carrier is uncovered, more frequently used and is normally cheaper than enclosed car carriers. However, your vehicle will be exposed to the elements of nature while being transported.Enclosed car shipping is a car carrier that has a covered shipping area, and is most commonly used when shipping an expensive vehicle or classic car that you wish to protect. If your vehicle will be traveling cross-country and going through some dry and desert territory, you may consider using a closed trailer to protect it from wind-blown sand and heat. Note that closed trailers usually cost much more.
If you have any question on how to ship a car, please call Paragon Transport.

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Enclosed Car Transport,Enclosed Auto Shipping, & Enclosed Automobile Transporter

 Enclosed car transport is the alternative to open car shipping. Open car transport is the most common form of automobile transportation, although open car shipping is a very safe form of transporting your car, it does not offer a 360 degree protection of your car from dirt, the elements and bad weather.

  Enclosed car transport  offers the protection you will need when transporting a classic, exotic,luxury, or that new or special car which needs an extra level of protection. Here are a few reasons to choose enclosed car shipping over open car shipping.

  -Enclosed car carriers also carry the maximum in cargo insurance, most policies are $500,000 to $1,000,000 in cargo coverage for all units on the covered car hauler. 

-Enclosed car shipping drivers are all well trained and knowledgeable in all classic and new exotic car models to be sure each unit is handled with the care the car needs. They are the best drivers in the industry.

-Weather will not be an issue on an covered car carrier, your car is protected from all normal road hazards and any and all inclement weather.

-Enclosed car shipping will be more expensive because of these factors, call a Paragon transport specialist today to get a quote on your covered car shipment.

- Deciding to ship a car in an covered car carrier will give you that peace of mind while your classic,exotic,luxury, or special car is being transported across country.

 Paragon Transport offers  Enclosed car transport  nationwide. Getting an enclosed auto shipping quote is easy, call now or apply online. 281-815-4020