Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Accurate Car Transport Pricing

 If you have gotten an auto shipping quote before, you know car shipping rates can be all over the board. Why are car shipping prices all over the board? If you have not gotten an auto shipping quote before, here are a few reasons one quote is $200 more or $200 less than the other. There are many reasons why you will get car shipping prices that seem too high and to low. A very low car shipping price can be given for a few reasons; the car shipping company may not be reputable, they may just be trying to get your initial deposit to up the price later, their transit times are very long, or you were simply misquoted. A very high car shipping price is usually given by large auto shipping companies who need the large profit margin to pay for overhead running cost, have expedited transit times, or again, you were simply misquoted. Paragon Transport offers accurate car transport pricing on all auto shipments. Car transport quoting is not an exact science and car shipping prices change weekly. At Paragon Transport we believe in sticking to the car shipping price quoted, our agents are well trained to quote each transport right the first time. We do not require an initial deposit to set up an auto shipping order. To get an accurate car shipping quote, call now or apply online.

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  1. Car Transport Shipping is easy with Paragon Transport.