Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Shipping Rates

Car shipping rates can be all over the board. When getting a car shipping quote you will need to do your research on the company giving the quote. Any company can give you a cheap car shipping price, but will your car actually get transported. Normally when a company quotes a cheap rate, it is for a reason, they are either not rated very well or they are just trying to get your order and take your deposit. Be sure to read the terms & conditions. Most deposits are not refundable, even if the car shipping company does not move your car. Research, research, research. You can never do to much on the company you are possibly going to do business with. Cheaper is not always better.
 Paragon Transport offers safe & reliable car shipping. Our agents are trained to quote accurately and honestly. We may not be the cheapest car shipping quote you receive, but we will be the most accurate and reliable auto shipping quote. Getting a car shipping quote is easy, you can apply online or call 832-830-5555. Car transport agents are available 24/


  1. Car Transport Shipping is easy with Paragon Transport. They have great car shipping rates.

  2. Research a lot to conduct comparative analysis between the services and the car shipping rates of few of the auto movers. In this way, you will be able to select the right auto shipper to move your vehicle.