Thursday, October 27, 2011

New & Used Car Dealer Transports

Paragon Transport ship hundreds of cars a month for new & used auto dealers all over the country, from New York to California, Paragon Transport has car carriers standing by. We offer car transport services for all car dealership departments; including new car sales, used car sales, internet car sales, service department, leasing, auctions, dealer trades and fleet sales. Paragon Transport offers preferred dealer pricing to all franchise dealerships.
 Paragon Transport will assign each dealer sales rep one car shipping specialist to manage the account. Our unmatched service and communication has allowed us to be the preferred car shipper for more than 80 new & used car dealers nationwide. Real time tracking, status updates and A plus car carriers are just some of the benefits of using Paragon Transport. Call now to register your dealership as a preferred dealer.


  1. Car Transport Shipping is easy with Paragon Transport.

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