Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Car Transport Cargo Insurance in Auto Shipping

If you are looking to transport your car across country or to another state, you will need to be sure the car carrier you choose has the proper cargo insurance. Each car hauler is required by law(FMCSA) to carry cargo insurance. Just because a car transport company is licensed and bonded does not mean they have the proper car insurance. Be sure to do your research when choosing an auto transport company to move your car.
Here is an example of an auto carrier not having the proper cargo insurance on his car hauler; if you are transporting your new 2012 Mercedes Benz S65 from Miami,Florida to Los Angeles,California on an open car carrier able to haul 9 cars. If the car transporter has $250,000 in coverage for his entire car transport trailer and your 2012 Mercedes Benz S65 is worth $200,000 by itself, that only leaves $50,000 in cargo insurance coverage for the other 8 cars. This would be ok if the other 8 cars are older cars only worth $6,250 each. Chances are there will be cars on the car transporter worth much more than that, you get my point, so, in the rare instance there is an accident or problem with the entire car transport load and all units are damaged, there will be a lot of units not covered in the cargo insurance claim if the 9 cars are worth more than $250,000. Most auto transport companies will suggest shipping the 2012 Mercedes Benz S65 in an enclosed car carrier, Paragon Transport suggest this as well, the above will also apply for an enclosed car carrier as well.
 When choosing your auto transport company, be sure they are a reputable car transporter and the carrier your car will be shipped on has the proper cargo insurance coverage.
  All of Paragon Transport's car carriers are licensed, bonded, and insured with the proper cargo insurance. Call a shipping agent today to get your free car shipping quote. 832-830-5555

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