Friday, November 11, 2011

Snowbird Car Shipping & Seasonal Auto Transport

 Snowbirds in car shipping are defined as people from the US Northeast,US Midwest and Canada who spend a large portion of the winter months in their southern home location(California,Arizona,Texas,Florida)  and travel north for the summer months.
  Most snowbirds are retires or business owners who have a home in both a southern location and a northern location. Car shipping for snowbirds can increase the auto shipping industries demand for cars shipped by 25% at the beginning of spring and fall. Such an increase in the auto transport industry can make it harder to find trucks with available space at those times. Paragon Transport will make the process easy for snowbirds and seasonal car transports.
 It is best to book your seasonal transport 2 to 4 weeks prior to the shipping date to be sure your auto transport is secured. Paragon Transport takes reservations for snowbirds at anytime, no deposit required. Getting a quote or booking your seasonal transport is easy, call now or apply online to get your car shipping quote.
 Paragon Transport also offers a round trip discount on the second part of the transport. Call an agent today to learn more about our snowbird and seasonal car shipping service.

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